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TIdeRace Xcite w/compass and Freedom 500 Pump - (Used)


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This model is no longer in production. Details are listed to assist anyone purchasing a used kayak or researching the lineage of current Tiderace models.

The US based Sea Kayaker magazine reviewed the Xcite in April 2011.

The Bottom Line…

“With excellent edging, good tracking and cruise speed and decent gear stowage, the Xcite is definitely a top contender in multi-day playboats; for the serious paddler who yearns for a boat that can handle both outer coast miles and rock gardens with aplomb. The Xcite certainly lives up to its name.”


Suitable paddler weight : 165 - 210 lbs    
Overall : 17'5"
Paddler/Kayak Waterline: 15'0"    
Overall: 21.25
Paddler/Kayak Waterline:: " 20.8"
Depth: 12.2"
Cockpit: 34.25 x 19.3"