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Geckobrands Waterproof Dry Box

When you're on the go, the last thing you need is to be caught unprepared. Our Waterproof Dry Boxes allow you to have everything you need within arm's reach. A durable, single latch opens to reveal generous storage, while a silicone liner protects your belongings and is perfect for electronics and other essentials. Its streamlined design and dust-proof, crush-proof construction ensures that the dry box fits seamlessly into backpacks or is easily stowed away, giving you peace of mind every step of the way. Choose from 3 sizes (medium, large and x-large) or collect multiple to diversify your storing capabilities. Medium and large sizes are equipped with a wrist strap, and the x-large size features a carry handle for easier access.

  • Easy to open and durable latch closures
  • Carry handle for easy transporting
  • Soft and durable silicone liner for additional protection

9.1"H X 5.1"W X 1.9"D (EXTERNAL)
1.5"H X 7.8"W X 3.8"D (INTERNAL)
9.5"H X 7.0"W X 3.3"D (EXTERNAL)
2.8"H X 8.3"W X 5.8"D (INTERNAL)

0.81 LBS (M) - 1.34 LBS (L)